Our strategy for Shushi is comprehensive, emphasizing its unique position as a construction education hub, eco-tourism hotspot, and its potential for foreign investment. Shushi Fest 2015, our youth and environmental festival held on July 22, 2015, was more than simply a celebration with entertainment, exhibits, and games; it was an opportunity to showcase Shushi as a singular nexus for all of these facets.

With development projects planned by multiple groups for Shushi, we can think of no better opportunity to co-create than with the Yeznig Mozian Vocational School, a one-of-a-kind institution in Shushi that offers a three-year curriculum in construction work and related trades. Using students and graduates from the local school in these projects, we not only take advantage of this unique institution and all it has to offer, but also promote Shushi as a hub of tourism and, ultimately, foreign investment. The ultimate goal is to connect businesses from around the world with the local community, co-creating for a better Shushi.