Woodpeckers Wood Toys (WWT) is a non-profit start-up founded by Ashot Margaryan in 2014. It functions through a network of individuals, artisans, freelance workers and volunteers that supports children’s education and create opportunities for local artisans to start their own businesses. The organization functions on the principle of developing trade and tourism in Artsakh, and is a founding member of Peace Entrepreneur Consortium, an association of organizations that believes whole-heartedly in facilitating conflict resolution in the region through the creation of socially responsible companies that create economic prosperity. All products are produced in Artsakh, and shipped from Stepanakert to locations around the world. The stated objectives of the organization are: ensuring social responsibility, fostering children’s education, driving innovation, and creating economic opportunities for artisans.





There are lots of medical herbs, among which the most populars  are  mayramakhote, thyme, daghdze, hip,  aveluke, berries such as  chichkhane berries, blackberries, raspberries, elder, and such wild fruits as wild  pear, apple, etc..
In  the sphere of Cattle-breeding :  cattle, pigs, birds, small cattle and  hives are being breeded.
The wheat, barley, potatoes, cabbage, vegetables,  milk, meat, wool, eggs, honey are tha main agricultural products.
Milk refinery factiory is functional. Under  specific  temperature the milk, that is bought from locals,  is being fermented/ soured  by decreasing it up to 4 degrees. The factory cooperates with “Ashtarak kat” company.

Residnents of the Yamaj district collect berries, fruit and  herbs.
Cultivation of non- traditional crops, particularly broccoli, kolorabi, organic Beijing cabbage cultivation.


 The locals can also organize exhibition and sale treir products and can also share their experties with everyone interested.
Jams, syrups and different kinds of liquors are being prepared  in Shuhsi.